Hangboard training on the Pullboard hangboard with a three fingers half crimp grip.

Train, Simply

Pullboards are designed to provide a straightforward training tool for you to improve finger strength and heighten your climbing performance. There are three key reasons why we built our boards with offset edges and a rail design:

1. Proven training methodologies. Inspired by the PhD training studies published by Eva Lopez (and others), targeted fingerboard studies suggest that low-volume, weighted hangboard protocol is most effective at increasing finger strength.

Pullboards are designed for that clear training progression.

2. Simple training methodologies. The number one feedback from the climbing community as to why they didn’t like, or didn’t include hangboard training into their programs was because it was too complicated. Complex boards with multiple pocket sizes and depths usually come with complex training routines.

Pullboards are designed for an effective training protocol (that’s not complicated).

3. Common injury prevention. The fear of injury was the second feedback theme from the climbing community as to why finger training wasn’t incorporated in their training program. Finger injuries can occur when form collapses but the hang continues based on pocket or poly-resin friction. While getting started on wood rails might seem more difficult at first, your long-term training health will thank you.

Pullboards are designed so you hang on good back, shoulder and finger form.

We hope you’re excited to continue your training journey with us! View our training series below to get familiar with your board.

Train, Simply: Getting Started
Read this for information on rail depths and hang durations.

Train, Simply: Warm Up

Train, Simply: Warm Down

Before you start and end a routine, make sure you do a proper warm up and warm down.

Train, Simply: Hangboarding for Beginners


Hangboarding: Considerations for Form and Safety


Train, Simply: A "how-to-hangboard" journey


Completely new to hangboard training? Read this short article on proper form and how you can use assistance.


Want to dive deep? Get familiar with biomechanics and how that translates to form and safety.


Need a laugh? Read an honest “how to hangboard” journey.

Train, Simply: Finger Strength Program for Beginners

Train, Simply: Finger Strength Program


We have several suggested finger strength programs, from those completely new to hangboard training to intermediate programs that adds weight and grip variety.
Train, Simply: Core strength Training with a hangboard Multi-uses for a hangboard? You bet. Check out the “Hawaii Five-Oh!” core training program article and video tutorial clips.

Visit our Pull Climbing YouTube channel for training videos.

Note: Getting started on these finger sequences assume an intermediate level of climbing ability including bouldering experience.