Climbing at Red Rocks. Photo credit: Derek Frankowski

Training products inspired by simplicity and hard work

The spirit behind Pull Climbing started as a collaboration between two training partners that sought simpler and more efficient ways to train for their favourite sport. Both partners were defined by an era of the modern climbing movement brought into being by the likes of their idols - Wolfgang Gullich, Kurt Albert, Jerry Moffat and Ben Moon. During a home session on an old polyurethane hangboard Craigh realized he disliked using the board because it lacked any sort of progression, it had holds that he never used and most of all it hurt his skin. At the end of a session he noticed that even though his fingers were done he could still hold on through pure skin friction even though his form had completely failed.

At the same time, the training partners began to observe a number of people at the gym were using various equipment improperly and without a proper training regime. This was leading to injuries and time away from having fun. While other climbers were taking time off from finger injuries caused by improper training on apparatuses such as the campus board, Craigh was able to rehab a chronic finger injury and continue to use the campus board with the direction of his partner, Helmut Becker from Redpoint Physiotherapy.

It dawned on Craigh that not only did he enjoy training immensely, but he wanted to build training tools that enabled a journey that was based on well-founded training information that could reduce the training mishaps that have plagued climbers in the past.

It’s for those reasons that we wanted to reimagine yesterday’s training tools. At the core of every product is our passion to create premium, usable tools that embody training values of simplicity and hard work.

Meet the team

Craigh and Leila Owners of Pull Climbing

Hi! We're Craigh and Leila, the husband/wife cofounders of Pull Climbing, a Canadian brand that crafts quality hangboards for climbing training. The idea for Pull Climbing started in late 2017 as we searched for a simple training board that didn’t have pockets. We decided to design a hangboard that made training straightforward, was based on proven training methodologies and had a biomechanic design which was less likely to cause finger injury. A year later our small business was open.

When we’re not in the workshop or arguing on how to Instagram, we enjoy spending time in nature as a family with our two boys. We’ve been a part of the climbing community for the better part of our lives. And now, we’re discovering the love of climbing from a totally different perspective. It truly energizes us to see a mix of families, ages, genders and all levels of ability get excited about climbing, not only outside but in the gym too.

Life is full. We strive to design meaningful products worthy of becoming a staple in your training gear so you can dedicate time to train simply and make the most of it when you’re on the rock. See you out there.

Craigh and Leila