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Hangboard Review

Hangboard Review

Squamish is Canada’s rock climbing mecca of the west coast, nestled between sea and sky. Climbers from around the world flock to the granite cliffs and bluffs overlooking Howe Sound to climb.

Our Pullboard Original was featured by Squamish Climbing Magazine last week. Squamish Magazine is a digital publication that covers development in the Squamish area, indoor and outdoor climbing, reviews, interviews and training.

The team trained on the Pullboard for a six week period. The following is an excerpt from the article.

“After using the Pullboard for a number of weeks, we found that the simplicity in its hold diversity was an asset. Because the Pullboard only offers four different hold sets, we found there were less choices to make when training and that simplicity allowed us to focus on pure strength training rather than jumping back and forth from different types of holds and different depths. After training on the Pullboard for a six week period, we found it ideal for both max weight and repeater sessions. Overall, we also found that the Pullboard was ideal for four and three finger pulls but we did miss the mental aspect of pulling on two finger pockets in comparison to pulling on two fingers using a flat edge. Nonetheless, we found that the Pullboard became an effective tool both physically and mentally, to push our training to the next level.”

Appreciate the great review! We look forward to some Squamish time this summer.

Read the full review here: https://squamishclimbingmagazine.ca/category/articles/reviews/

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