Mark Fraser tests his finger strength on Squamish boulders, B.C.

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Maximal Minimalism

Designed for straightforward training

The Pullboard Original wooden hangboard has offset edges, rail progression and a smooth finish that's friendly on the fingers.

Finger Friendly

Finished to a smoothness fingers will love

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Pullboard Travel
Pullboard Travel
Pullboard Travel
Pullboard Travel
Pullboard Travel

Pullboard Travel

$99.00 CAD

Our Pullboard™ Travel is a portable training tool designed to pop into your climbing pack or checked baggage. Whether you’re warming up at the crag or training away from home, this model is a travel essential. Sling through bolts, over trees and playground bars. Squeeze in a hangboard session at your hotel gym or take it to your local climbing gym for warming up your fingers.

Buy this Pullboard

Buy this board if you need to warm-up fingers at the crag or you want to train on the road. If you don’t have space for a wall-mount board then this board is a great alternative. If climbing-is-your-life then we’d definitely recommend a travel and a wall-mount board.

Key details

  • Maple
  • Board dimensions W 20 3/4” x H 3 1/2” D 1 1/2”
  • Training rail edge depths: 23mm, 18mm, 15mm
  • Lightweight at 720g / 1.59 lbs
  • 2 metres of 4mm cordelette included (colour may vary)

A note on air travel - check this Pullboard in your checked baggage. The TSA and CATSA don’t like this going in your carry-on.

To blend quality and source our wood in a respectful way, we only use Canadian hardwood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Check out our Pullboard FAQs.

What climbers like

The flexibility to adjust shoulder width for hanging is a game changer. It allows for a wider range of training.

Krystal ChinSquamish Climber

The advantage with Pullboards is the simple biomechanical design, enabling effective strength results while minimizing common injuries.

Helmut BeckerRegistered Physiotherapist

The Pullboard Travel is a complete setup in one super compact unit. It's got everything I need from warm ups to training sessions.

Sam TuckerBow Valley Climber

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Hangboarding: Considerations for Form and Safety

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